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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between the project and the report in Panda tool?

    Project - one client / google ads account for which you want to see statistics, it can contain several reports (data for chosen campaigns for chosen range of time)

  • I have multiple user accounts (Google Ads MCC account). Is it appropriate for Panda service?

    Yes, it will work.

  • I don’t have access to Merchant Center. Can I create a report without it?

    Yes, access to Merchant center will help you to get item titles and prices automatically from Merchant account. But you can upload this info from xls-file also. Prices will help you to get suggestions for bids, however, without them you will still get main metrics (ROI, profit/loss by each product and total).

  • I have Google Ads and Google Merchant Center on different google accounts. Is it a problem?

    No, it’s not a problem. You will link each account (Google Ads and Merchant Center) separately.

  • I used one email for Panda account, but I have Google Ads and Merchant center accounts on another one. Can I create a report?

    Sure. You will link each account (Google Ads and Merchant Center) separately, so it’s not a problem.

  • I have several campaigns. Do I need to create 1 report per each or I can create 1 report for all?

    You can create 1 report for several campaigns of one type (shopping and search separately) and then you can use filters to see info for one campaign if you need to.

  • I need to know campaign profit each day. Can I get this data on email?

    Yes, in the report settings you can set how often you want to update the report (each 1/2/3 days or each week) and get main metrics (conv.value, average margin, conv.rate, cost and profit/loss) on email.

  • What time range can I choose for the report?

    You can choose preset ranges (e.g. yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days not including the current, etc.) or set your own range (using start day and end day).

  • What about Google Search Campaigns?

    You can also use Panda for Google Search Campaigns. During demonstration our manager will show you how to generate report for Search.

  • How can I use Panda service?

    For using this service you need to book a demo, and after a conversation with our manager you will get access to service and be able to sign up.

  • How much does Panda cost?

    The service is currently at the BETA testing stage and is free.

  • What do I need to have to use Panda?

    You need 4 main things:

    1. Access to Google Ads and Google Merchant or you can upload this data (item prices, Google Ads performance) manually, but better to have access.
    2. Margin of products. In Panda you can set up margin by each product (using excel file) or add margin manually by each ad group or campaign.
    3. e-commerce set correctly and transactions goal added in Google Ads.
    4. statistics for campaign(s) you want to analyze.
  • Why do I need to use Panda service?

    Panda ppc micro management service has two main features which will be useful for every Google Shopping advertiser.

    1. Profit/Loss and ROI report by each SKU - helps to understand best and worst performance products
    2. Bid suggestions - helps to choose right bid for each product according to its performance

    These features help to improve profit and ROI from 20% to 300%.

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