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Google Shopping case: Hardware Shop To You

5 min



01.10.2018 — 30.11.2018







Av. margin




Net profit


Background information

Client: online store of garden and home products.

Region: Australia.

Service: creating and optimization of Google Shopping advertising campaign.


Our client wanted to advertise his best-selling products which he’s selling on eBay. Before that he had never used Google Ads, so it was his first experience in this kind of advertising.

During the initial parley the client wanted to know how campaign optimization is done and how to get high ROI and net profit. For achieving this kind of results we use The Panda — Panda ppc micro management tool. This tool can calculate the actual profit or loss for each advertised product as well as the overall profitability of every single campaign in Google Shopping. After tool presentation the contract was signed and work began.

Creating a Google Shopping campaign

Client has provided next business data to us:

  • list of advertised items;
  • margin of each product.

We calculated the cost per click for each product that we are willing to pay at the beginning. Also we collected negative keywords to receive better quality traffic.


Results according to data from Google Analytics:

  • Total ROAS after 2 months of work is A$ 5,084 (Revenue) / A$1,293 (Cost) = 393%

In addition to positive indicators in Google Analytics, we also received positive results for ROMI and net profit:

Results according to data from The Panda:

  • Profit/loss is A$793;
  • ROMI is 61%.

These results allowed our client to make a profit from the first months after launching the campaign.


  1. Not all products that are sold well on the eBay can also perform well in Google Shopping. During the managing we had to stop showing ads for some of the items.
  2. With The Panda ppc micro management tool you will be able to adjust the bids more accurately. Also you will see the least profitable or unprofitable products and have a possibility to disable them.
  3. To achieve a positive result you need to focus on growth of ROI and net profit.