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Why do you need to use Panda Software in small and medium e-commerce?

Standard tools of Google Ads and Analytics don’t give full information about performance of SKUs in Google Shopping and as a result advertiser can’t make a right decision about what actions with bids should be taken.

Let’s imagine that we sell G-shock watches via Google Shopping and achieve the following results:

Product Revenue, $ Cost, $ ROAS, $ Possible activity
G-shock watches 670.00 459.00 145% stay or increase bid

ROAS is 145%-looks good, doesn’t it? Definitely it seems that the next logical step to be made is to increase bids, but if…

Product Revenue, $ Cost, $ Margin Profit/Loss, $ ROI Possible activity
G-shock watches 670.00 459,00 35% -224.5 -48% decrease bid or pause ad

So, after uploading margin to report advertizer clearly understands the efficiency of the product and can make a right decision. Such decisions help to invest money in good performing items and make sure that they work at 100% level of their potential.

The main feature of Panda is to make this process quick and easy.

So if you want to make bidding based on ROI and Profit/Loss performance - Panda will be a good choice for you.

Useful features of Panda

Upload Margin

Upload margin by each product or category and get Profit and Loss report.


Panda software gives recommendations on what you need to do with each product based on your interests in ROI and Profit.

Automatically calculate your Target CPC

Get automatically calculated Target CPC using your investment rate.
Target CPC = item price * margin * conv. rate * invest. rate

Quick dashboarding

Quickly get information about the current campaign status.

Previous Reporting

Made optimization using ROAS? Check your historical data and identify efficiency of your previous Google Shopping.

How does it works?

Icon add

Add a New Project +
Link your Google Ads

Create a Report +
Link your Merchant Account

Icon report
Icon choose

Choose Campaign(s) + Set up your investment rate (share of margin that you can invest in ads)

Add Margin to Report

Icon margin
Icon suggestions

Get bid suggestions